Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Whatevers

-I have the location of my Saturday getaway all set. I just need to buy a ticket to my destination. It is a place that I have seen from a distance (and close up) for many, many years but have never visited. It is a shame really since I have a bit of a strange obsession with similar places. I can't wait to go!

-I got up this morning to go for a run. I didn't work out yesterday because my left leg was bothering me. Turns out if I don't spend 15 minutes stretching after a workout, I ache all over the next day. Oh did I say the next day? I meant the next minute. I got home from my run (run/walk but more running than walking) and instantly felt the pain shooting through my legs and hips. I'm only 32 years old!! How can this be happening?

-I'm 17 days into my 21 Day No Junk Food Challenge. I confess that I ate two cupcakes last Saturday and a root beer float and a small piece of chocolate cake on Sunday. I felt heavy and gross. I'm still candy free though which is a HUGE accomplishment. I'd like to see how long I can do this. Perhaps all the way until we go to Hawaii in June? Maybe I can just limit myself to those treats on weekends. I have a serious binge problem.

-I am so busy at work. Wednesdays are the worst days because I have only 1 hour and 10 minutes at my desk before leaving for the rest of the day. I only have 1 more Wednesday like this and I am STOKED. I need to get out of the fast lane before I punch a panda.*

-If you have HBO, I highly recommend watching the new show "Girls." It is awesome. Like a Sex and the City with younger leads (they play women in their early 20's). It is raunchier and funnier than SATC. I watched the second episode twice last night and found it just as funny the second time around. My husband watched it with me (ok, I forced him to watch it) and he also found it funny. Like the lead said at the end of the episode in response to a doctor telling her that she couldn't be paid enough to be 24 again..."well, I'm not being paid at all." Amen. Aside from the exercise soreness, being in my early 30's is awesome.

-It is warm and rainy outside. I don't know if I made the right outfit choice today. Skinny jeans, boots, short sleeved blouse and a light jacket. If my feet get hot, I'm screwed.

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