Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hair today, Hair gone today

I was watching The Amazing Race last night and (spoiler ahead) felt conflicted when Brenden and Rachel had the chance to "fast forward" to the Pit Stop if they shaved their heads. For a guy, it is probably a really easy decision. Is there a guy who is that attached to his hair that he wouldn't shave it? Maybe Pauly D. Or Justin Bieber. My husband shaves his head all the time so this wouldn't have been a challenge for him.

For me? Different story. Sitting here thinking about it, playing with my hair (like I always do, its a nervous twitch) I don't think there is anyway I could just shave my head on a whim. But I'm competitive. I like to win. I think being in the moment, being that much closer to winning a million bucks would help make the decision for me. Sure, there is no guarantee that you would win the money. They still had 4 other teams to beat but by jumping ahead to the Pit Stop, they would have had a HUGE lead when they left for the next leg in the morning. Or not. Pretty risky. But it is just hair. And there are wigs you can wear. And it would make a pretty good story to tell for the rest of your life, long after your hair has grown back and you barely even remember what you looked like bald.

I'm not going to say "hell yes I would have done it" because I really don't know. But I would like to think that in that moment, vanity would take a back seat to a once in a lifetime experiences. Except in the case of eating a bull's testicle or cow's brain. That is where I draw the line.


Kelly said...

I was rolling my eyes at her, of course she wouldn't have shaved it... She drives me crazy. But, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't either. I still have the finale to watch... Don't tell me who wins!

Kelly said...

I was rolling my eyes at her, all her whining and crying over it, just make a decision! She drives me crazy! Of course she's to vain to shave her head.... But then it dawned on me, I would be too! And it gave bopper and mark a Chance to catch up... Which they didn't, so sad. I still have the finale on my dvr... Don't tell me who wins!