Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kitty Field Trip

Kitty went on a little field trip the other night. Chris picked her up and took her outside. Kitty is an indoor cat. She has snuck out the front door a few times (thanks, stupid salespeople that won't go away) but she mainly just looks out the window and hunts birds from inside. I do feel a bit bad for her that she can't explore the backyard. When it is windy outside, she is mesmerized by the branches and leaves moving and shaking in the breeze. We open the sliding glass door and she will sit there for the longest time, listening to the sounds of the birds and the outside world.

But my protective kitty momma side comes out and wants to keep her inside. Behind our house is a giant field. I worry that she would wander over there and get lost or get into a scuffle with another animal. Just the other day, I witnessed the saddest thing ever. Two dogs, one small and one medium sized, walking down the street together. They were obviously from the same house but lost. It was adorable and heartbreaking at the same time to see them playing and walking, trying to find their way home. I don't even like dogs but I got teary eyed and was very close to driving back to see if they had collars on.

Chris said we should get a cat harness so we can walk Kitty around the backyard and let her roll around in the grass. She would surely love that but I worry about fleas and diseases she isn't vaccinated for due to her indoor only status.

 For now, we'll just have this adorable picture. Chris, happy he broke the rules. Kitty, neck stretched out wondering what was going on! It is already one of my favorite pictures ever.

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Christy said...

It's really weird how similar we are! I am totally paranoid about our kitty getting out and just the other night we had friends over, I left the front door open to walk them out, not realizing it didn't close, and when I walked back up there was kitten scurrying back inside. Love this picture though, you can totally tell she is interested. (And don't you love their little tails going crazy when there's a bird outside?! Hilarious!)