Thursday, May 24, 2012

On my mind

-I had my LASIK consult today. It went well but I found out that it is best to hold off on the procedure if you plan to get pregnant within 6 months. Who knew? So better eye sight will have to wait. I did find out that the doctor is going to be in Kauai at the same time as us next month so that was weird and fun to learn!

-I had my final work obligation tonight at one of the high schools I work with. We did a pledge at Open House to ask people to stop driving distracted. I'm totally guilty of it but I'm trying to get better. I saw a kid that I worked with two years ago at the local middle school. He approached me and I was shocked that he remembered my name. He is a sophomore and doing really well. That pretty much made me night. And now, 15 work events later, I have two school site meetings tomorrow and then I am done! Go me.

-Anniversary #4 is fast approaching and I'm anxious to see what this "fruits and flowers" thing is that my husband put together.

-I held this adorable dog tonight. I'm fully Team Cat but he was so cute!

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Natalie said...

We are about to celebrate our fourth anniversary too! I have no idea what to get The Mister that is fruits or flowers. Soon is getting some fruit of the loom if I can't get any more creative.