Monday, May 14, 2012

Retail Therapy

After Mother's Day brunch with my family, my mom took me and my sister to get a massage and facial. We had some time to kill before our appointment so I suggested we go to the mall since I wanted to take a spin around Forever 21.

Here are my purchases!

Perfect for Hawaii! (5 weeks left)

I'm wearing this today. Really cute and comfortable!

My sister had never been to F21 before and vowed never to return. The salespeople at this particular store aren't exactly friendly. But she did find a few items to purchase. She can shop throughout the whole store since she is a skinny minny while I'm stuck in the Plus Sized section but I still picked up some cute items and I'm excited to wear them! Especially that maxi dress. I can't wait until we go to Kauai!

I hope everyone had a good weekend and a nice Mother's Day!

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