Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yard work is hard work

I made a date with my dad to do some major work on our front yard this past Saturday. It was hot. It was exhausting. Our yard looks like crap but will hopefully soon look better.



We tore up two bushes and planted some flowers. See that ugly spikey bush in the last "before" picture? I took that out all by myself. I'm the man. Like I said, it looks pretty ugly over there right now but I hope we can come up with a game plan and make the yard look nice again. 

Yardwork is backbreakingly hard. Also, wear sunscreen. The back of my neck got scorched!


Kimberly Michelle said...

um... better than the back of your back? Cause I went in the shower this morning and yelped, and realized I may have given the neighborhood quite the show!

The Jesse said...

Yard work is so hard. We tend to neglect our yard all winter and then have to spend countless hours pulling weeds once spring/summer arrives again. I gave my husband a long list to get started on now that he is out of school for the summer. And last night we finally planted our summer garden!