Monday, June 11, 2012

The Anniversary

We had a bit of an extended anniversary celebration this past weekend.

We exchanged gifts when Chris got home from work. I had to get home early to set up his gift. See the picture collage below. The traditional gift this year was "Fruits and Flowers" so I got him icee pops. 300 icee pops to be exact. I could only fit about 70 in the vase but I managed to cram the rest in the freezer. Icee pops for days!

My gift was an ipad. This was a big deal. Chris hates Apple so the fact that he spent money on an Apple product is major. I wasn't so sure if I could find a reason to use the thing but I was obsessed all weekend. Love it.

We went to dinner Thursday night (during happy hour: 1 drink, shared nachos=$9.65), went to froyo and came home. We took Friday off of work to do some Hawaii clothes shopping and saw Prometheus. Blah. Hated it.

It was a great weekend. We are lucky to have each other and in less than a week we will be in Hawaii relaxing on the beach. I count my blessings every single day. Life is good.

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