Thursday, June 7, 2012

Four Years

I remember that day so clearly. It is fresh in my mind. The nerves, the excitement, the butterflies gathering in my stomach waiting to see you standing under that arch, looking at me for the last time as just your fiancee.

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We can go back 4 more years to 2004 and remember first meeting each other. Those butterflies? Still there. I didn't know you were my husband to be at the time but you were. I guess it was always you. I guess somehow, the universe knew that you were out there, the perfect man for me and kept me right where I was.

But the last four years of marriage have been so much more memorable than that evening in June. That day was just the starting point for a long journey together. A journey that gets more comfortable each day. Comfortable like a pair of shoes or jeans that feel better with time. You ease into them each day and feel at home. You feel secure. You look in the mirror and think "I love the way this looks." I see us together and smile. We make sense.

You, Chris, you make my life better. I see you walk through the door after a 14 hour work day and I feel happy. Calmed. Secure. Content. Thankful. You have our best interest at the fore front of your mind. You are kind but honest and although I don't always appreciate that, I know it is best and keeps me from going crazy since my emotional side more often than not takes over my rational side.

You are smart. Smarter than I think you realize. My family loves you. Sometimes I wonder "are you the man my parents had in mind for me?" I think they would say yes. They adore you.

Your humor. I pity anyone that doesn't know this side of you. Your humor is equal parts horrifying and fascinating. I still remember remarks you made about a certain mini-golfer on our first date 8 years ago and I smile. Do I cringe at some of your jokes? Yes. Do I bust an internal organ most of the time when you make a clever reference? Yes. Your humor is my medicine.

Your love. You love me. I never doubt that. I see it in your hard work, in your need to do what makes you happy. I see it when you scoop up Kitty and give her hugs. Quite a stretch from someone who has never been a fan of cats. I see it in your relentless planning of this anniversary's traditional presents (Fruit and Flowers).

I can admit that you are on my mind all the time. You'd think after 8 years together and 4 years of marriage that feeling would go away but it hasn't. Being around you, being near you makes me happy. Makes me feel (forgive the cliche) complete. You are my other half. Through and through. With the ups and downs, the loses and the gains, the trials and tribulations, there is no one I would rather share my life with than you. No one makes me smile like the way I smile when I'm with you.

Thank you for meeting me. Thank you for marrying me. Thank you for loving me so much.

First Anniversary

Second Anniversary

Third Anniversary

*No celebration of my relationship would be complete without mentioning our dear departed friend Jonathan. He was our match maker but more importantly, he was my husband's best friend. We've enjoyed too many celebrations without your physical presence, JB. But you always have a place in our minds, hearts and souls. I'm forever in debt to you for giving me the greatest gift of husband.


livingabrighterlife said...

Happy Anniversary! What sweet things you have to say about your hubby! Hope you both do something fun this weekend,but you do only have a little while more to wait till you you'll be in HAWAII!!! :-)

The Jesse said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

andrea said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Sweet Bean said...

This is a ridiculosuly beautiful tribute to your husband, your marriage and your heart's notes. Thank you for sharing! Happy Anniversary!