Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I workout....in Costco clothes

I happened to be in Costco a few weeks ago and walked through the clothing section. I had heard rumors that their workout clothes are pretty decent and since I've been stepping up my workouts, I am in need of some new workout gear. And really, when you have new clothes to workout in, it makes going to the gym fun!

I was a bit nervous since I couldn't try anything on but I decided to risk it and get a pair of black capri pants and a purple racerback tank top. OMGeezy people. Best workout stuff ever. Now, I know that this Lululemon stuff is all the rage but hello. I'm not spending $82 on workout pants. Ever. Also, they don't exactly have the size I need. As in "Size Big Ol' Booty, Big Ol' Hips." Their racerbacks tans are $42. So I would be wearing $124 worth of workout clothes to the gym. That is THREE TIMES the cost of my membership and I sweat so much, I would be wearing it once a week. Not worth it.

The tank I got at Costco is light weight but super flattering. I got an XL because it is spandexy and I don't like anything too tight around my stomach rolls. I want to go back and get at least 4 more so I can wear them to the gym every day. The tanks were $12.99 and the capri pants were $16.99. Comfortable, thick, breathable and inexpensive.
I love you all so much that I take pictures, post workout, in the gym bathroom. Please note that I am all sucked in. This is not how my waist/hips/thighs look normally. It is all Costco. 

I went to my sister's house the day after making this purchase and noticed that she was wearing one of the Costco tanktops! We totally geeked out about how awesome they are. Geeks R Us.

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MB said...

I *LOVE* my Costco workout gear! Keep an eye out in the winter...last year they sold long sleeve shirts which are fabulous. Same material as the tanks, just long sleeve and have thumb holes.