Monday, June 4, 2012


I stepped on the scale each morning last week holding my breath and hoping to see the numbers falling.

They fell. 3.5 pounds since last Sunday. I know that the first week is usually the best in terms of weight loss. My body was adjusting to the lower amount of calories being consumed and I tracked everything I put in my mouth. I think I only went over my 1600 calories a couple of days and it was only by about 100 calories. My exercise gives me a little leeway but I tried my best to eat 1600 a day.

Just to show you that the "everything in moderation" lifestyle can work, here is a sampling of foods I ate that aren't considered diet friendly:
-Oreos (a serving size worth: 3)
-Root Beer Float popsicles (one bar=100 calories)
-Dove dark chocolate (a serving size is 3)
-Nutella on my toast in the morning (a serving size is 1 tablespoon)
-Tortilla chips (serving size is 28 grams)
-Frozen yogurt topped with jr mints and dark chocolate chips (7.5 oz of yogurt, total weight 10 oz)

My main meals consisted of chicken, extra lean ground turkey, apples, berry/spinach smoothies, whole wheat toast and quesadillas. Like I said before, I'm a picky eater and try my best to work in healthy stuff but losing weight works best for me when I limit my junk food to stay within a certain caloric range.

I'm happy to say that it is working. I don't feel deprived. I go to bed not feeling grossly full or guilty about my food choices. And I'm losing weight.

My newest goal is to lose a total of 20 pounds by my 33rd birthday which is 10 weeks away. I feel motivated and confident that I can do it.

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Kimberly Michelle said...

You CAN do it! Just keep up that calorie counting day in and day out! :)