Monday, July 2, 2012

Beam, Bars, Vault, Floor

Sunday night, I attended the 2012 Gymnastics Olympic Trials! I don't just love the Olympics, I'm obsessed with them and gymnastics (and swimming) are my favorites. I was happy that our seats were right above the balance beam since that is my favorite aparatus.

It was pretty clear throughout the night which girls would end up on the team but it was exciting to watch all of them perform. I just can't imagine how nervous they were. To even be competing for a spot in the Olympics would be such an honor and something all of them are sure to never forget.

When the announcer came out at the end of the night to bring out to official team, the big screen showed the girls (I guess I should call them "women" but they are so young!) walking from behind closed doors out to the arena. I was holding back tears! They all were crying and a few of them actually looked like they had been given bad news. I've watched the Olympics as long as I remember and even attended in 1996. I admire these athletes that dedicate their lives to a sport and for many of these girls, it is their dream to be an Olympian. And now they have reached that goal. It was an amazing night to witness dreams coming true.

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Warm-ups for the final rotation. Floor exercise is VERY fun to watch in person! They get so much height!

I also need to add how moving it was when Nastia Liukin completed her portion of the competition. She fell on the uneven bars but was given a huge ovation to get back on and finish her routine. A standing ovation followed and another occurred when she completed her routine on the balance beam. She was very gracious as she smiled and waved to the crowd. We stayed for a while after everything had ended. Nastia waited until the men's team left the stage and hugged each one of them. She had stood there alone, wiping tears from her face before exiting the arena with her dad. A row of girls lined up to give her high fives and she extended her arm to each of them. Another ovation followed as she disappeared into the tunnel, saying goodbye to gymnastics former champion.

It was an emotional night. You want to see these girls do well. When the wobble, fall or fail to make the team, it is heartbreaking. Especially since another 4 years of intense training is usually not in the cards. I'm really looking forward to watching them perform this month (EEEEE so excited) and I hope USA can bring home the Gold!


I'm Steph said...

What a completely amazing experience. The only sad part was not meeting up with you! We're you on the jumbo tron? I swore that was you but we couldn't find you from where we were sitting.

Michelle said...

I was in section 220 row 12. I'm not sure they show us cheap seat people on the big screen!

Kimberly Michelle said...

So much fun!!!!