Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Infertility Advice

If you decide to take some time off from receiving treatments, make sure you know the procedures at your doctor's office. Evidently, taking a 12 month break means that we have to re-do all of our lab work and have a consultation with the doctor about our labs and the plan for our treatment. The wait to get a consultation appointment was two weeks. It is in the middle of the day on a Tuesday. Not really an ideal time for my husband who can't easily miss work.

I was looking forward to getting at least 2 (hoping to just need 1) fertility cycles in this summer but now, we'll be lucky to get 1 in. I understand repeating lab work and it will be good to see where we stand in those terms but really, do we have to meet with the doctor to go over our medical history AGAIN? Nothing has changed! My lack of planning ahead has me really bummed out about this. The waiting game is not fun.

Once again, I am reminded that the world of Infertility is a cruel existence. And as I watch others get pregnant with great ease, I can't help but want to throw my hands in the air, stick my middle fingers up and decry the entire act of procreation all together.

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Patty said...

Ugh, I feel you. When C got back from his deployment, we both had to do allllll the testing over again and couldn't get appointments for over a month. Then it took a month for lab results to come in. Then they told us they can't do any treatment here and we should try while we were in the states, but it took them a month to send out our medical records and we missed our chance. Now we've just given up for the rest of our time here.

I'm thinking of you guys, always! ((Hugs))