Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our Travel Wall

I thought I had it figured out months ago. I ordered a print that we loved, got it framed (custom), hung it up and then put off completing the wall.


The wall looked like this for a few months until I got motivated to go to Michael's and buy frames to put around it. That is where I ran into a problem. I couldn't find frames to coordinate or match the existing frame. I didn't want clashing frames and eventually (Saturday), I gave up. We decided to hang this picture in another room and start from scratch.


I found this layout on Pinterest and instantly loved it. I was feeling pretty defeated on Saturday but seeing this made me feel confident again. Instead of going to Michael's again, I just went to Walmart and picked up 6 black frames. When I got home, I laid them all out in various positions to find just the right placement.

The Christmas ornaments are just place holders for something else that will go in that spot.


Just a small adjustment and I had my final layout....
Final layout

I ordered the pictures through Snapfish, paid a bit extra to pick them up at Walmart in 90 minutes and started Phase 2. 

Lucky for me, my husband loves hanging pictures and is very good at it. I assisted.


The 99% finished wall. 


I'm going to find something to put in between the two 5x7's on the right and the wall will be complete. I'm very happy with how it turned out after all this time keeping the picture of it in my mind. 

From the top going clockwise: Bellagio, Italy; Grand Canyon; Lincoln Memorial; (top) Pacifica; (bottom) The Lone Cypress in Carmel; Wailua Falls in Kauai; (left) Sorrento Coastline in Italy; (right) Kalapaki Beach in Kauai.

We also hung up to pictures in our guest bathroom and I switched out three 11x14 pictures in our dining room from Maui pictures to Kauai pictures. AND we might have decided on a color for our master bedroom. We'll see how long it takes to paint that monster.


Jen said...

I love it! Your collage wall looks awesome! Someday I'm hoping to make one of these for our living room (ala Young House Love)! Definitely going to bookmark yours as inspiration too! :-)

Kimberly Michelle said...

It looks awesome! :)