Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Project House: Get rid of all the things

When you move into a house, there will always be a project to do. Maybe it is just remembering to trim the hedges outside. Perhaps you want to replace the hardware on the cabinets or hang some pictures on the wall. Nothing brings on the excitement of getting projects done like putting paint on the walls!

Aside from getting our bedroom decorated, there are a few other projects that we have our eye on. Nothing huge (like new counter tops my husband is DYING for) but small cosmetic changes that will make a big difference in the respective rooms.

Our master bedroom: Purchase a bed frame, art for the room, new bed spread, a full length mirror that isn't from Target and belongs in a dorm room.

Dining room: Replace this awful thing. The previous owners had this installed and to be honest, I'm not sure why this wasn't the first thing to be replaced when we moved in. Probably because it is in the formal dining room and we never sit at the table in the room. I believe I have utilized that table once when we had friends over.

Master bedroom ceiling fan/light source. Standard "comes with the house" ceiling fan.

Master bathroom vanity lighting. UGH. So fug.

Guest bathroom vanity lighting. Not terrible but we can do better.

I've been searching the Lowe's/Home Depot/Ikea/etc websites trying to find replacements and additions for our problem areas. We have the bed frame picked out and I think I know which full length mirror we want to buy. We got into a heated discussion about flush mount vs. semi-flush mount vs. chandelier last night for our dining room and came to a conclusion on that. Once we make our purchases, I'll share before and afters. And I hope that isn't in another years time!!

Oh, how life is different when you become a home owner!

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