Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yearbooks by Michelle

I'm not sure if I've shared this before but since 2008, I have put together yearbooks documenting the past 12 months of our lives. I mainly use Snapfish because the software is easy, I can upload my pictures directly from Flickr and they usually offer decent online coupon codes for up to 45% off the price of a book.

I think my book making skills have come a long way since 2008 and it helps that most of my pictures are taken with my dslr or my iphone 4s camera instead of the crappy point and shoot I had from 2008-mid 2009. Putting together these books can be a bit time consuming but I love the finished product. Even my husband, who isn't mushy about memories, loves looking at them when they arrive and I've even caught him looking at past books as he is cleaning the table we keep them on.

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I love the idea of photo books so much that I've made them for other special occasions as well. For my dad's birthday last year, I made a book of our trip to Italy in 2004 (and got myself a copy as well). I made a book of our trip to NY and DC last year and copied and pasted all of the emails my mom sent on her Amtrak trip across the country in May and made her a book. That was a big one! When my niece completed two triathlons last year, I put together a book of pictures from the races for her.

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I have many photo albums with printed pictures that I would love to scan and create digital books for but that is so much work. I love our professional wedding album but there are only 72 pictures showcased from that day and so many moments missed. A while back, I started to create a photo book of our wedding pictures and got overwhelmed at the idea of it. How do I narrow down 1300 pictures? Do I dare include them all? I would need an amazing coupon code to purchase that book!

I'm currently working on my 2012 book which is a miracle considering I just finished my 2011 book a few months ago. I'm mixing things up this year. Instead of organizing the book month-by-month, I'm arranging it by event: birthdays, holidays, husband and wife pictures, special occasions such as weddings, pictures of my nieces, etc. It will make it a bit more difficult to make because I will need to add pages in the middle of the book instead of just adding new pages at the end but that is okay. Like I said, the more I design these books, the more adventurous I become in how I create them. I'm hoping my 2012 book is my best book yet!

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