Friday, August 31, 2012

I wish I could say it all

I wish I could really express how I am feeling about things right now. I try to ignore politics but I care about our country. I want to know who is going to be leading it for the next four years. And although I am moving more and more into the "I don't think the President really makes a difference" camp, I still feel outrage and horror at some of the thoughts people express online, in the news, etc.

True story: I was once a part of an online community for newly married people. Because I live in Northern California, my political beliefs put me in the minority. When political discussions/posts would pop up, I would try to stay out of them because I knew I would get attacked. I saw it happen to other people. Good people. Nice people. Well meaning people, attacked for their political affiliation.

A conversation came up, the exact topic I can't recall, that made me so horrified that I disabled my account and never went back. Another contributor to the community had recently lost her teenage nephew in a tragic accident. Her nephew was a donor. She stated that if there was any change her nephew's organs were going to go to a Republican, she would do everything she could to stop that from happening.

I'm not kidding. I wish I would have taken a screenshot of that exchange because I was appalled. Now, perhaps other non-open minded people would say the same thing about other groups. That isn't okay either. In fact, it is down right disgusting. I can't believe that someone who celebrates freedom to be who you are, despite color, creed or orientation would say such an awful, close-minded thing. Anyone who claims to be a Christian, or a loving and caring person or kind or generous shouldn't say things like this. No one should say things like this.

No one is perfect. No party is perfect. The party I am registered under isn't perfect. I vote on issues and my issues are all over the place which makes it very difficult to cast my vote. My important issues are not important to others. Others important issues aren't important to me. And that is okay. There are issues that I have changed my mind on and I cringe when I hear opposite views but the chances of changing minds? Slim to none.

My problem? The hatred. The anger. The downright awful attitude that people have towards "the opposite party." And this goes for both sides. It is not in my DNA to openly disparage a person just because they believe something different than me. Do I agree with them? NO. Do I care? NO. I just let them be. And I hope they will allow me to be as well.

On November 7th, my life will move on. I might wake up and not even realize that an election happened. And on January 21st, no matter who is up on those steps taking a pledge to honor and serve America, my life will go on. And as sad as this may be, I'm not sure we will be talking about different issues in 2016. I hope we have moved on. I hope we have recovered. But my faith in this system is nearly gone. My faith in the people of this country is at an all time low.

Stop the hatred. Stop the vile words. Allow yourself to come to terms with differences of policy and thoughts.

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Patty said...

Totally. I am not discussing politics this year at all, with anyone. I'm privately voting for the candidate I believe in, and am actively ignoring all the dehumanizing attacks from both "sides." I have no interest in contributing to the social war going on or adding MORE anger to the climate. I truly feel that's the biggest thing I can do to help my country right now.