Friday, August 3, 2012

My 4 Plan

Sadly, I've given up hope of becoming an Olympian. After watching Archery, I figure I had no chance. I don't have that much concentration. I haven't seen another sport that I can perfect in just a few years so I'm moving onto my next goal:

Olympic sideline reporter. I plan to spend the next 3 years writing loads and loads of stellar questions to ask athletes from a variety of sports after they win or lose. None of these questions will be:

"How did it feel when you saw you won?"
"We saw your teammates cheering for you. How does that make you feel?"
"What are you thinking right now?"
"Was this the outcome you had hoped for?"

That last one is my favorite. Horrid reporter Andrea Kramer actually asked Ryan Lochte this after he placed FOURTH in a final. Yes, Andrea, you complete idiot and disgrace to broadcasting, he had hoped to come in 4th place in the Olympics. At least it wasn't 5th?

I have no professional broadcasting experience. But I can wear a NBC polo shirt, hold a mic and ask 20 seconds worth of questions to an athlete without making them feel like they are talking to a 1st grader.

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