Monday, August 20, 2012

Running Progress: Week 1

Things went better than I expected this past week and I already feel excited every day to get to the gym and start running. I can't wait until it gets cooler so I can run outside in the evenings.

Tuesday 8/14: 4 minutes run/1 minute walk intervals for 30 minutes

Wednesday 8/15: 4 minutes run/1 minute walk intervals for 35 minutes

Thursday 8/16: Ran 2 miles without stopping in 23:45

Friday 8/17: Rest day

Saturday 8/18: Ran 2 miles in 23:36 (total 2.1 miles in 25:00)

Sunday: Rest day due to some pain in my achilles. It is feeling a lot better now so tomorrow it is back to running!

My goal is to be able to run 3 miles by August 27 when my official half marathon training starts. I'm feeling pretty good at my ability to get there and hope to slowly increase my mileage this week.

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