Friday, August 17, 2012

Something to look forward to

In my eyes, summer is over. Why? Because my birthday has passed. Selfish, right? I am a Leo!

Once the warm weather hits in May, I get excited for the summertime. Slurpees on the way home from work, feeling the sun beat down on my face when I go outside to get the mail, wearing shorts and tanktops (and still putting a blanket on my lap at night because the a/c is pumped up so high). And my birthday. So once my birthday is over, summer has ended. Especially with my current job. School gets back in session and things kick into high gear around these parts.

But I do get end of Summer blues and need things to look forward to. Christmas is just too far away so while I have it on my mind, it isn't close enough to get excited about. Here is my "looking forward" list:

1. We are finally get a bed! We have a mattress and a box spring on a metal frame. So boring. It will be delivered on Saturday. Pictures to follow.

2. My little town holds a wine stroll each August and this will be my third year attending. Each year, I ask a different friend to join me. The first year, it was my cousin Christina. Last year, it was my friend Lindsay. And this year I asked my friend Melissa! I don't think she and I have ever sipped (or chugged, whatever) wine together so I am SO looking forward to it. I love keeping up with this tradition and supporting my town.

3. More birthdays! The birthdays in my family are spread out but squished together. January has my dad and brother in law (Chris' bro). February is Chris. April is my brother in law's fiancee. May is my sister and mom (and Kitty). June is my niece. July is my brother in law (sister's husband) and my niece. August IS ME. September is my father in law, October is my mother in law and November is my sister in law. So we pretty much have birthdays all year long which is good for me because I love cake.

4. Cold weather. I'm not one of those huge "OMG I HATE SUMMER I NEED FALL" people. I love seasons. Cold, hot, extremely cold, extremely hot. I'll take it all. Except Spring. I don't like Spring at all. But I love feeling the seasons change. In Northern California, we get to see that happen. While I have loved living in dresses all summer, I'm excited to wear pants and sweaters and jackets and feel the chill in the air while the sun is shining above me. Basically, I'm sick of sweating all the time. I actually look forward to winter more than fall. Winter is my jam.

5. Thanksgiving break. Just 14 weeks way people! We get three days off but I take the entire week off. I need it, believe me. I work with middle and high school kids and they exhaust me. September and October are so insane. Hold me.

6. Progress and Closure. I'm really making a point to make progress on things in my life. House stuff, relationship stuff, personal stuff. I just want things to happen. And when they happen, I want to have closure. And if they don't happen, I want to have closure. I need that.

I hope whatever you are looking forward to brings you joy and happiness. And can you believe that we are almost done with week 33 of this year? I tell ya....time is a tricky thing. 2013? I'm not ready for that yet.

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