Thursday, September 20, 2012

Michelle bubbles

Let me first say that this is a First World Problem. I own that.

I have a major problem with those red bubbles. I do not like red bubbles on my screen. When I see other people with these bubbles on their phone, with numbers in the high double digits inside, I get an anxiety attack for them. To me, it is like a long "to do" list where nothing is checked off. 

Why do you have that many unread emails? And that many missed calls? Update those apps! Reply to those texts. DO IT NOW FOR THE LOVE OF APPLE. 

My two red bubbles are about the max I can stand to look at. In fact, that bubble on the Settings app? That is the new iOS update. I'm not sure I want to update it yet. But my hatred of the red bubble is strong.
I've heard there are a few kinks in the new system and that Maps has totally changed (not for the better) thus my delay in updating. But that bubble. Just sitting there, staring at me. Mocking me, really. 

And is it weird that I feel exposed showing you my home screen? You should see Page 2. Full of shame. Actually the shameful apps are hidden in folders. :)

For people that keep red bubbles on their screen, how do you deal with that? Doesn't it make you crazy? I just typed "creazy" instead of crazy. What does that mean?


Anna said...

I have a major issue with the red bubbles. I update as soon as I see one, but my husband has them all over his phone. Drives me crazy!

Angie said...

seeing those red bubbles makes me itchy. especially, when i click on the red bubble and then the bubble continues to stay there, like it's taunting me.

i feel the same way about the red notifications on FB.

Erica said...

LOL! I hate them too, my husband has a red bubble on his e-mail (46!) and I get all twitchy when I see it. I beg him to delete his e-mails or at least scroll through the unread messages so the bubble will go away, but, he just won't.

I especially hate the red bubble on the App Store, when I need to update a bunch of crap that I don't feel like waiting to update.