Monday, September 10, 2012

Up Next

I'd like to thank you all for the kind words on my last post. It was terrifying to write but I knew I would get words of support and love from the people who continue to read my blog. Thank you a million times over.

A few weeks ago, before the IUI, I decided that if it didn't work out, I would start training for a half marathon. I'm pretty sure back in March 2009, I claimed that I would never run a half marathon again. I'm a liar. I need something to motivate me at the gym since my workouts are boring and dull. Running is just the thing that keeps me excited to workout and gives me something to work towards.

I printed out a 12 week training schedule and started on my way pre-IUI just to get training started. I stopped running over the course of my two week wait but on Thursday, when it was clear things didn't work out, I stepped back on the treadmill and got back to work. I can't just run straight through without some practice intervals so I completed a 2 minute run/1 minute walk interval for 30 minutes on Thursday. After a day off on Friday, I went back to the gym Saturday morning.....

I ran 2 miles without stopping. And yesterday, Sunday, I ran 3 miles without stopping. I'm two weeks behind on my training plan (I'm scheduled to run 6 miles on Saturday-fat chance) but I know if I continue to increase my mileage at a consistent rate, I will make up for the two weeks that I lost. I'm also looking forward to cooler temperatures so I can run outside in the evenings instead of heading for the treadmill.

In terms of diet, I'd love to proclaim that I'm going to lose all sorts of weight during this process but I usually fail when I do that so I'm just going to slow myself down, take a few seconds to think before I eat and hopefully, I can shed some ellbees before the race. No expectations. No major goal except to finish the race in one piece.

Have a great Monday!


Sweet Bean said...

Goooooooooo you!!!! :)

runningonwords said...

Good luck with your training! I did my half to help me cope with IF and it was a great experience!