Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Michelle on scary movies

I don't like being scared. I'm far too emotional to not react with tears if someone jumps out at me or sneaks up on me from behind. I'll scream and then I might cry. And then I'll hit you and verbally abuse you for a while. You had it coming, trust me.

Because of this, I don't like seeing scary movies. Creepy movies also fit into that category. I don't really like being on the edge of my seat knowing that I am going to jump 5 feet in the air when a person explodes out of the closet. It ain't my bag, baby. Or, even worse, being on the edge of my seat only to have that moment pass, I sit back and relax and then BOOM! Scary moment. Tears. I'm done.

But I know some people LIVE AND LOVE scary movies. Some people say that certain movies that I consider scary (The Grudge, Blair Witch Project) they consider hilarious and dumb. I thought Blair Witch Project was real, okay? And to this day, I can not watch it. Not even knowing it was fake. To me, that shiz was scary. The sound of the branches breaking at night? NO. The teeth tied up in the clothes? NO. The final scene with the dude in the corner and the girl just drops the camera? HELL NO. No NO NO. One time, I thought I could watch it again. It was daylight, there were commercials throughout the movie since it was on tv. I can do this, I thought. Its fake. Its totally dumb. How stupid, what a stupid movie....

I'm sure I turned it off and went to Target or something to get my mind off of it about 5 minutes in. Can't do it.

Chris and I sat in the theater watching The Grudge with 150 teenagers. We held a jacket halfway over our faces the entire time. I kept telling him that I hate scary movies and I don't know what I was doing there and that I wanted to leave.

I saw The Others in the theater too. That falls into the creepy category but there were only a few scenes that were flat out jump worthy. It was a really well done movie so I wouldn't mind watching that again. But it would need to be daylight and I couldn't be home alone.

Finally, let me sell out my husband and tell you about when he went to see Paranormal Activity. I put my foot down with this one. I know my limits and that movie is beyond my limits. He went with his brother to the late showing. I was asleep when he got home that night. He didn't come to bed for a while and in the morning, he told me that he had to stay up playing video games to take his mind off of it. Then, he finally went to bed and just sat there, with his eyes open, hearing and seeing things all night, freaked out. This is why I don't see scary movies, I told him. That sounds like a complete nightmare. He explained the movie to me and told me about how the lady in it just stands over her husband at night. I got chills just thinking about it. Of course, I demonstrated to him what that would look like by walking over to his side of the bed and standing there. He threatened divorce if I ever did that again.

The moral of this story is don't ever expect me to go to a scary movie. Ever. I don't care if it is the best movie ever made in the history of movies. I won't see it. Not a chance.

Monday, October 29, 2012

A Winning Weekend

I'll let the pictures do the talking in this post but this weekend was GOLDEN. On Saturday, I had a work training. Olympian Dee Dee Trotter spoke to our students about the importance of team work and achieving your personal goals. And people.....I got to HOLD A GOLD MEDAL. I'm sure you all know how much I love the Olympics. I nearly cry when they are over and my life is dedicated to them for weeks. If I even think about the USA Gymnastics team winning the team gold this past summer, I get emotional. To meet an Olympic gold medalist and get to see a gold (and bronze!) medal in person is like a dream come true since my dreams of being an Olympian are over. :)

As if that wasn't enough, the Giants swept the Tigers in the World Series last night. On my feet for the bottom of the 10th inning, clenching my hands together, shooing Kitty out of the way so I wouldn't step on her, my sweaty brow and palms required me to turn on the ceiling fan. I was stressed folks. I've watched my fair share of baseball games this month (too many, perhaps) and it felt AMAZING to let that tension and stress leave my body last night and feel relief!

 Two World Series titles in 3 years?! So proud to be a Giants fan!

AND....the election is almost over. THANK GOODNESS. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sensitive Sally

Did you guys know that I have only 7% hearing in my left ear? I do. I have nerve damage that has caused my left ear to be permanently out of commission. At times, I wish I could hang a "OUT OF ORDER" sign on my ear. Perhaps a tiny tattoo!

This condition has caused me to be extra careful when I feel my right ear getting sick. Yesterday, my ear was hurting. I didn't feel under the weather but I made a doctor appointment anyways because I don't want to risk going deaf. I used to get bad ear infections as a kid so as an adult, I try to keep on top of my ear health. The doctor visit revealed nothing was wrong. My ears looked fine, as did my throat, and the doctor said that it could just be allergies or the start of a cold. BLAH. I realized that this EXACT same week last year I was sick. Isn't that weird?!?

I woke up this morning feeling fine. I got to work, met with my boss and went back to my desk. Then my nose started to tingle. My eyes started to itch. Both of my ears starting to plug up a bit. Allergies. I felt them attacking my senses. But I'm indoors. What could be causing this? I started sniffing around, walking laps around my department and I realized it smelled like flowers. Like fresh cut roses. But I saw no roses. I asked a co-worker if she noticed it and she said that someone gave her fresh tomatoes and basil. She took it out of the bag, I got within 2 feet of a basil leaf....

Yeah, that was it. Soon, I could smell basil all around. I continued to walk around and spoke to another co-worker. She informed me that someone was handing out bags of tomatoes and basil. Wonderful. At this point, my head feels foggy and is starting to hurt. My eyes are itchy and watery. And those ears, they are plugged.

Apparently, I am allergic to fresh basil. I also can't have fresh flowers in my house because they make my allergies go nuts. Sensitive (half deaf) Sally, reporting for duty.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Game 7

What a great weekend. Giants win Friday night sending the NLCS back to San Francisco.

They won tonight. Game 7 is Monday. One win from the World Series. One win from another week and a half of sports induced stress, joy, relief and frustration. But you gotta love it. I know I do. I live for it.

Consider my occupied from 5-8:30 pm on Monday. Focused. Positive. And hopefully watching the Giants return to the World Series for the second time in 3 seasons.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


 I went to Forever 21 Friday after work to browse the racks. I picked up a shirt, flats, a jean jacket and a blazer/blouse type shirt. I always stroll through the accessory section to see if any necklace strikes my fancy. No such luck this time but I did come across a cross body purse that caught my eye. I've been wanting to get a cross body bag for a while now. I'm tired of holding/balancing my larger purse on my shoulder. Often for work, I'm juggling many bags, binders, etc and my large purse containing a wasteful amount of crap just wasn't working for me anymore. This purse is small. It barely fits my large wallet but it has forced me to downsize. I took it with me to the Giants game on Sunday night (hence the orange and black feathers I attached in the first picture) and it was great. I dared to bring it to work today to give it a real life test drive. So far, so good.

Wallet, keys, lip gloss and two iphones (personal and work) are all that fit inside. All other stuff will need to be left at home or go into my work tote. 

Go Giants!!!

If I need more storage, I'll switch back to my bigger purse but I love the simple, small space that this purse gives me. It forces me to edit my life which is something I really need! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Alive and Well

I've been running. It hasn't been easy but I'm doing it!

I've been working. The youth I work with keep me on my toes but provide laughter and smiles daily.

I've been cheering on my SF Giants. Today was a big day. I ended my day early and was going to head home at 1:30. Instead, I drove to Chili's and watched the 9th inning of the game. I clapped and yelped and finally took a breath. It was amazing.

It's windy, overcast and cold right now. I need to cuddle with Kitty under a blanket. It will reach the upper 80's next week (booo) but the leaves are changing and I am happy.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Waiting Room

I know this was a good decision. I put it off for a long, long time. I anticipated feeling conflicted about the actual appointment but now that I'm here, in the waiting room, I feel really nervous. What if my problems aren't big enough for this? What if I complete fall apart? I tend to want to be very pulled together despite the fact that I'm an emotional mess depending on the topic.

So I sit in the waiting room. I'm here with three youth under age 12. That puts things in perspective. I listen to my favorite Mumford and Sons song in my earphones. I try to mentally prepare myself for the conversation that will take place. I get my story together, gather my thoughts and wait.

I'm forever early. It drives me nuts. I guess I'll add that to the list of things to talk about. That and why the Giants sucked so bad this weekend in the playoffs.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall and Partnerships

Do you remember July? I do. Life wasn't so rushed back then. I wasn't committed to running a certain amount of miles each night and work wasn't weighing heavy on my mind like it is now.

The last two days around these parts of California have been hot. 100 degrees hot. Something just didn't feel right and that something was the sweat dripping from my brow (among other places) as I carried boxes and binders and bags across school campuses. I'm back with the youth and while I love the interaction I get in my job, by the time I get home, I'm exhausted.

So last night, as my husband celebrated his team winning the AL West and praising me on Facebook for setting the DVR to record (via my phone) so he could catch the post-game celebration, I strolled from my car to the front door and caught a cool breeze in the air. Fall....are you there Fall? I requested that after he got done watching the celebration, that he come to the grocery store with me because we were seriously lacking food. He agreed. Usually, it is a solo job on my part but yesterday, I couldn't handle it. I was sure I would break down in the produce section and cover myself with leaves of lettuce and use a watermelon as a pillow.

I gained control of the cart (I must have control of the cart) and we made our way through the store. I admitted to him in the parking lot that I had really asked him to go with me because the past two nights, I went to bed as he stayed up to watch baseball.....and I missed him. We shopped in peace. The grocery store was nearly empty. When we walked out of the store, I celebrated my own victory of a 26% savings at the cash register. I live for savings. He grabbed the bags and I returned the cart. We unloaded the groceries in our special way: He throws them at me and I try to keep up. He even tossed a half gallon of milk a good 5 feet. It was scary. I guess we have that much trust between us. He knows I can catch. Smiley face.

I heated up a microwave dinner and he opened his bag of hot wings that he got at the deli. We turned on the tv to catch the closing statements of the first debate. I exchanged numerous text messages with friends, snarking with the best of them. Chris went upstairs to play a solid round of video games. I turned off the a/c and opened the windows. The 97 degree heat from the day gave way to a cool evening. Bliss.

More texts. An online quiz taken by my husband to see which candidate he aligned with (we aligned with the same guy). I crawled into bed, reading tweets, rolling my eyes at the ignorance in the world. I searched Wikipedia for my own answers and tried to cool some of the fire that burned inside me. I'm trying not to allow silly things like politics raise my blood pressure. Life is so much more than a checked box. Life is cheering on your baseball team and supporting your husband's team as well. It is laughter in the cereal aisle. It is catching a half gallon of milk that has been tossed your way. It is waking up to your cat staring at you and then scratching every surface of carpet in the bedroom to let you know she is hungry.

Fall seems to be on its way. And the partnership I share with my husband feels as comfortable and tight as ever. A simple trip to the grocery store provides a reminder of the greater things in life.

Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm being watched

I got into my car this morning and realized that I needed to get gas. Oh yeah, there was a reason my alarm was set for 5:00 a.m. Totally forgot about that while I spent my extra time this morning curling my hair. I hoped that I wouldn't hit traffic and be late for work.

I usually go to the Safeway gas station because it is cheaper but it is a bit out of my way so I decided to drive down the main road towards the freeway in my town and hit up the Shell Station.

Two other people were getting gas in the darkness of the morning. I'm wearing a dress and hoping that my cardigan is in the trunk because it is chilly outside although it's predicted to be 100 degrees later in the day. A nice way to bring in October, right?

I swipe my card and punch the buttons, twist off my gas cap and begin to pump. This pump is moving quite slow and I consider only getting half a tank but decide against it. Before I'm able to pump 5 gallons, I notice the gas station employee leaning back inside of the shop looking at something. Me? Maybe. I wasn't sure. There was no one behind me, no cars, no traffic on the road. I ignore it and stare at the digital read willing it to go faster. I'm cold.

Gas Station Dude then makes his way to the door of the shop, opens it and proceeds to lean against the door, looking in my direction. There is nothing in between us. Just about 30 feet of concrete. My car is on the same side as the shop. I casually look behind me to see if there is something he is keeping on eye on beyond my car. No. Just darkness and silence. It is only 6:25 a.m.

The gas continues to pump slowly until I finally reach a full tank. I replace the nozzle, twist on the gas cap and get into my car. I'm on high alert, waiting for this man to approach me as his eyes remain fixed on me. I reset the odometer, put my car in drive, look over my right shoulder to check for cars and I drive away. I pass the man, who is still standing there, door propped open with his leaning body. When I get past him, I look in my rear view mirror and see his head turn to follow my car. It isn't until I get back on the road that he goes back inside the shop.

I feel angry. Is this a case of mistaken identity. Did someone in my car once rob the store? Would a blonde in a dress on a Monday morning in the dark and cold try something sketchy while attempting to get gas? Did I deserve to be watched while other people before me pumped gas without the prying eyes of an employee? I won't be visiting this gas station again. But I am tempted to go back and speak to someone that works there and suggest that leering at customers isn't a great business practice.