Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall and Partnerships

Do you remember July? I do. Life wasn't so rushed back then. I wasn't committed to running a certain amount of miles each night and work wasn't weighing heavy on my mind like it is now.

The last two days around these parts of California have been hot. 100 degrees hot. Something just didn't feel right and that something was the sweat dripping from my brow (among other places) as I carried boxes and binders and bags across school campuses. I'm back with the youth and while I love the interaction I get in my job, by the time I get home, I'm exhausted.

So last night, as my husband celebrated his team winning the AL West and praising me on Facebook for setting the DVR to record (via my phone) so he could catch the post-game celebration, I strolled from my car to the front door and caught a cool breeze in the air. Fall....are you there Fall? I requested that after he got done watching the celebration, that he come to the grocery store with me because we were seriously lacking food. He agreed. Usually, it is a solo job on my part but yesterday, I couldn't handle it. I was sure I would break down in the produce section and cover myself with leaves of lettuce and use a watermelon as a pillow.

I gained control of the cart (I must have control of the cart) and we made our way through the store. I admitted to him in the parking lot that I had really asked him to go with me because the past two nights, I went to bed as he stayed up to watch baseball.....and I missed him. We shopped in peace. The grocery store was nearly empty. When we walked out of the store, I celebrated my own victory of a 26% savings at the cash register. I live for savings. He grabbed the bags and I returned the cart. We unloaded the groceries in our special way: He throws them at me and I try to keep up. He even tossed a half gallon of milk a good 5 feet. It was scary. I guess we have that much trust between us. He knows I can catch. Smiley face.

I heated up a microwave dinner and he opened his bag of hot wings that he got at the deli. We turned on the tv to catch the closing statements of the first debate. I exchanged numerous text messages with friends, snarking with the best of them. Chris went upstairs to play a solid round of video games. I turned off the a/c and opened the windows. The 97 degree heat from the day gave way to a cool evening. Bliss.

More texts. An online quiz taken by my husband to see which candidate he aligned with (we aligned with the same guy). I crawled into bed, reading tweets, rolling my eyes at the ignorance in the world. I searched Wikipedia for my own answers and tried to cool some of the fire that burned inside me. I'm trying not to allow silly things like politics raise my blood pressure. Life is so much more than a checked box. Life is cheering on your baseball team and supporting your husband's team as well. It is laughter in the cereal aisle. It is catching a half gallon of milk that has been tossed your way. It is waking up to your cat staring at you and then scratching every surface of carpet in the bedroom to let you know she is hungry.

Fall seems to be on its way. And the partnership I share with my husband feels as comfortable and tight as ever. A simple trip to the grocery store provides a reminder of the greater things in life.

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