Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sensitive Sally

Did you guys know that I have only 7% hearing in my left ear? I do. I have nerve damage that has caused my left ear to be permanently out of commission. At times, I wish I could hang a "OUT OF ORDER" sign on my ear. Perhaps a tiny tattoo!

This condition has caused me to be extra careful when I feel my right ear getting sick. Yesterday, my ear was hurting. I didn't feel under the weather but I made a doctor appointment anyways because I don't want to risk going deaf. I used to get bad ear infections as a kid so as an adult, I try to keep on top of my ear health. The doctor visit revealed nothing was wrong. My ears looked fine, as did my throat, and the doctor said that it could just be allergies or the start of a cold. BLAH. I realized that this EXACT same week last year I was sick. Isn't that weird?!?

I woke up this morning feeling fine. I got to work, met with my boss and went back to my desk. Then my nose started to tingle. My eyes started to itch. Both of my ears starting to plug up a bit. Allergies. I felt them attacking my senses. But I'm indoors. What could be causing this? I started sniffing around, walking laps around my department and I realized it smelled like flowers. Like fresh cut roses. But I saw no roses. I asked a co-worker if she noticed it and she said that someone gave her fresh tomatoes and basil. She took it out of the bag, I got within 2 feet of a basil leaf....

Yeah, that was it. Soon, I could smell basil all around. I continued to walk around and spoke to another co-worker. She informed me that someone was handing out bags of tomatoes and basil. Wonderful. At this point, my head feels foggy and is starting to hurt. My eyes are itchy and watery. And those ears, they are plugged.

Apparently, I am allergic to fresh basil. I also can't have fresh flowers in my house because they make my allergies go nuts. Sensitive (half deaf) Sally, reporting for duty.

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