Thursday, November 8, 2012

5 Things Thursday

Is 5 Things Thursday a thing that happens on blogs? Maybe Tuesday is the normal day for it. I'm a rule breaker.

1. I've downgraded myself to a 10K for my upcoming race. The half marathon just wasn't going to happen. During my training runs, I would get to 6 miles and start to experience issues. Not leg issues or hip issues. Other issues. I decided that being stuck out in the middle of nowhere during a 13 mile race just wasn't a good idea. 6.3 miles is feasible. I was stressing over the half marathon distance and when I decided to change distances, I felt so much better.

2. Remember when I said I downsized to a smaller purse? That didn't last long. I had to switch back to my large purse earlier this week. My problem with the small purse was I would put my keys and sunglasses on top, over my wallet. So when I needed to get my wallet out, I would have to remove the keys and the sunglasses and it all just became a huge pain. My new rule with my large purse is to keep things simple and each night, remove trash/papers/junk/unnecessary items. Purses, why do you even exist?

3. Speaking of downsizing, I've downsized my social media footprint. I know. Shocking. A while back, I wrote an entire post about how I love social media. I would have predicted that my exit from Facebook would have happened prior to the election but it occurred the next day. After a status which I still contend wasn't harsh, cruel or mean, I was "confronted" by someone who didn't agree with a statement I made. Now, I don't agree with a lot of statements people make on Facebook but in order to keep things fun and civil, I don't comment. What is the point? Facebook arguing is silly and immature, in my opinion. I don't have that kind of Facebook presence....ever. But this person insisted on picking and picking at every thing I said until I finally had to plea for her to stop. I begged. I understand-it is the internet. You get back what you put out but again, I'm not that kind of person. I would NEVER go on and on to someone just because their opinion doesn't match mine. What kind of world is this? Along with a few other reasons, I deactivated my account Wednesday morning. Did it feel strange? Yes. Do I wonder what is going on? Yes. I explained to my husband that I miss the time when my head was void of the thoughts and goings-on of others. The time when I knew what I was doing and no one else. Basically, I miss not being all up in everyone's business. And everyone not being up in the mine (or as much as I want to put out there). The still feel the pull to check in but I haven't. And I won't. I deleted the app from both my phone and my ipad. I know posts are being created and pictures are being uploaded but it will have to remain a mystery to me. Sometimes I wonder what people in other countries are doing right this second. Facebook will have to a foreign country to me from now on. A place I know exists but that I can't visit. My head feels clearer already.

4. I'm wearing a black blazer to work today with my black skinny jeans and boots. I feel so fancy.

5. We are taking a trip to Apple Hill this weekend and I'm beyond excited. I told Chris that I want to stop by a winery, grab a bottle of Merlot and drink the bottle this weekend. Yes, yes I will. I also ordered Wayne's World so I plan on sitting on the couch, with wine and possibly cookies and watching Wayne and Garth on Saturday night.



Angie said...

thank goodness for this blog AND instagram..because i need my kitty fix.

Brant and Amanda said...

I'm sad. I looked forward to your posts on Facebook. Can't u just block that person?