Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Life is still a crazy jumble of emotions. As I was experiencing a breakdown last night, I called my husband on the phone to talk things out. I walked into the parking garage of the hospital in tears and sat in my car trying to compose myself for the 40 minute drive home.

I talked to him about where things are currently standing with my dad and some of the decisions that we are all making together. I was stressed, worried and concerned. But in that moment of panic, my husband said the magic word.


I didn't feel so alone in that moment. He was on my side, supporting me and understanding my point of view. To be a part of a "we" with him is the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

Christmas number 9 as a couple! So grateful to have him as my sidekick in this crazy life.
Decorating our tree tonight. Christmas makes my house happier. Much needed!

Let me tell you about this man I married. On Sunday while we visited my dad, my husband showed just what kind of guy he is. My dad was getting ready to eat lunch. His tray had several items on it: glasses, phone, papers, napkins, etc. One of those "etc" items was his urinal bottle. And it was not empty. For some reason (frequency of visits, I guess), I failed to notice it sitting there. When I did see it, I told my dad that I was sure he didn't want to eat lunch with THAT sitting there and he said I should call a nurse to empty it or I could just do it myself. "No thanks" was my response (obviously).

That is when my husband said "I'll do it" and I shot him the craziest look. "What? It's not a big deal." He got up, walked over, grabbed the bottle and went into the bathroom to take care of the problem.

My husband dumped out my dad's urine.

This new reality is not easy. Life is different in every way. But my husband is doing everything he can to be the support that I need at home and for that, I want to yell from the rooftop (or from this blog) that I love him so very, very, very much. He is my angel. He is my peace. He is my happiness. He is my "we."

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