Sunday, December 30, 2012

A new start for 2013

Tomorrow is the final day of another year. I just went back to read old posts from 2012 on my blog because I honestly do not remember much of the beginning of this year. That isn't good!

I want to make 2013 a year to remember. I want to wake up on a Saturday morning, hop in the car and drive. In less than 2 hours, I can be in San Francisco (west) or Truckee (east). Beach or snow. I can be in Wine Country going west (Napa) or east (Amador County). And if I really wanted to, I could drive to Ashland, Oregon in 4.5 hours. There are so many things to see, places to go and in 2013, I want to see more.

In 2013, I want to actually complete projects in this house instead of just dreaming about them. Slap some paint and pictures on walls, organize certain spaces, clean up junky areas for good. I started last week when I cleaned out our pantry and today I tackled the closet in the guest bedroom. There is so much more to do but I'm excited about seeing things get done.

In 2013, I want to refocus this blog. Maybe more home improvement stuff. Maybe more Real Life Pinterest creations. I haven't been huge on writing because life is kind of twisted right now but I see myself investing more time taking pictures, travelling and focusing on our house.

2013 will be my 6th year blogging. I have a history of my life during that time right here on this blog. I want to start a new chapter, a new focus and a new outlook. 2013 for me means it is time to restart. Time to get off the couch, break out of "the usual routine" and try something new.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Years Eve! Bring out your best in 2013!!

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