Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Trees

Our tree: I love Christmas trees. Each night when I plug our tree in, I stand back and admire the glow of the lights, the twinkle of the ornaments and the overall happy feeling it brings to our house. I was in the backyard last night and I stood there for a while, staring into the house at the tree. Can I please keep it up all year long? I love driving by houses and seeing the trees standing proudly in front of windows. And because we have an artificial tree, I took a good whiff of the real tree at my sister's house the other night. It smelled like Christmas.

My dad's tree: While he was in rehab, healing from his stroke, we talked to my dad about getting him a Christmas tree since we had planned to have our Christmas Eve celebration at his house. "I don't like fake trees" he said. Obviously, getting a real tree wasn't going to work this year but he didn't want to hear it. The day after mentioning it, I received an email from my dad saying he saw an ad for Big Lots. They had artificial trees for a good price. Whew. What a relief. He was on board. But of course, the ONE decent looking tree at Big Lots was out of stock. I finally went to Lowe's on my lunch break one day, hoping to find an affordable tree and lucked out. We set the tree up and it waited for his arrival. This is the picture we sent to him, with his first born granddaughter posing in front of the tree.

Kaiser's tree: I walked through the front doors of Kaiser over a dozen times from November 16-December 9 yet I don't remember when their Christmas tree was put up. But I loved seeing it standing tall each morning, afternoon or evening during my visits with my dad. A piano was often playing holiday music and people were sitting in the chairs near the tree. It lifted my often broken spirit as I came to and from the hospital and it reminded me of the holiday spirit and helped to heal my sometimes broken heart. 

Broadway Plaza (Walnut Creek) tree: I had to make a trip to Sephora to return some makeup and use my 25% off coupon one Sunday morning. Broadway Plaza is always busy but especially during Christmas. I arrived at 9:50 and still had to park on the 3rd floor of the parking structure. As I passed by this tree, I stopped and admired it. It was tall and glorious. This is the Instagram version. I'm sure I looked silly, taking a picture of a Christmas tree, but I couldn't help it. It was begging to be photographed.

I must confess that I would love to get a second, smaller tree to put in our loft and decorate in a totally unique way next year. Our main tree is filled with fun, silly ornaments. No ribbons, No bows, no decorative elements. But that is the way we like it. It is personal and every ornament has a story. As we place each one on a branch, we recall the memory behind it. It is one of my favorite things to do all year long. But I do love the look of a cohesively decorated tree with one central theme, like the Broadway Plaza tree. Perhaps there is another artificial tree purchase in my future....


Unknown said...

Finally catching up on your blog. Love reading you posts!

Kimberly Michelle said...

Your tree is so pretty! And I'm with you... I totally need a tree with all of our unique ornaments on it! We love our "pretty loft tree" upstairs and that way we can enjoy Christmas in two rooms!