Friday, January 11, 2013

Craft Project #4

In my last craft post, I previewed a map framing project that I was planning on doing. I don't have the proper stencils to do the heart shapes so I just decided to use a 3 picture frame with rectangular cut outs for the maps.

I'm a member of AAA so I went to the local office and was able to get the maps that I need free of charge. The three cities I wanted to highlight were the city where we met, the city where we got married and the city where we currently live. Our current city is so small (both in real life and on the map) that it basically fit into the entire rectangle of the photo mat I was using. Hashtag Small town livin'.
I placed the mat that came with the frame on top of the area of the map that I wanted to use. I made sure to center the exact area where we met (my mom's house), where we got married (our wedding venue) and where we currently live (our street) right in the middle. I cut out that part of the map and taped it to the mat.

And now the wall looks like this.....
I think another 11x13 picture should go at the top and a skinny frame (similar to the one with the maps) belongs in the other bare spot. Off to Pinterest for ideas!

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andrea said...

Love! I need to do this too!