Sunday, January 6, 2013

Craft Projects 1-3

#1: Picture Frame Jewelry Holder
Materials needed:
*Picture frames of your choosing. I went with two Sondrum frames from Ikea; 5x7 and 8x10.
*Spray paint. I used Krylon brand from Michael's in Blue Ocean Breeze, glossy finish.
*Mirror cord. If you look on Pinterest, there are a lot of materials to use to hang your jewelry on. This works well for draping necklaces and hanging earrings that have the hook type wires. In order to attach studs to the wires, I think you would have to pry apart the wiring a bit.
*Staple gun. $13 at Lowe's and another $3 for the staples. I got the 1/4" size.


1. I used deglosser on the pictures frames first so the spray paint would adhere. My husband actually did this step for me!
2. After that dries, apply several coats of your spray paint to the frames.


3. Once they are completely dry, measure and cut your wiring/ribbon/etc. I stapled the mirror cord to the inside edge of the frame. I tend to mess up craft projects so this was the most difficult step for me and I had a mishap that chipped the front of the small frame a bit. I took it back out for a quick spray paint to help cover the chip a bit. It isn't perfect but it doesn't need to be.



4. Hang your jewelry from the wiring and admire your work! I plan to hang the frames from a small side wall next to my dresser. These Ikea frames don't have picture hangers on the back so that is the next step. For now, they are standing up on my dresser.



There is that pesky chip and crack in the frame. Grrrrr.


#2: Dishwashing Motivation
   Recipe: Mix together a dark sense of humor and the insanity of seeing dishes sitting in the sink day after day after day. Find some scrapbooking paper in a drawer and empty out an in use picture frame. This is more important. Download a fun font from Dafont dot com. Print, cut and place next to your sink. See the dishes magically disappear from your sink!

#3: Simple Valentine's Day decor
   Scrapbook paper, picture frames, a surface that often gets used as a crap collector now transformed into a cute space for collectibles and my college diploma. 


All in a weekends time! Up next.......A variation of this, found on Pinterest.
                                                               Source: via Michelle on Pinterest


andrea said...

Cute! Love the jewelry frames. My necklaces sit in a knot on my dresser. Filing this away!

andrea said...

Cute! Love the jewelry frames. My necklaces sit in a knot on my dresser. Filing this away!