Thursday, January 17, 2013

No Soda for Me in Twenty One Three

Back in 2002 (I think), I stopped drinking soda completely. Growing up, we didn't have tons of soda sitting around the house but I enjoyed drinking it every now and again. Even prior to my 2004 weight loss (RIP Skinny Body) I wanted to try to drop the soda habit all together. And I did, for over 2 years. I didn't have drop of soda.

I kept that going well into 2004 but everything changed when I met my soda loving (now) husband. Dude can throw back some soda. Mt. Dew specifically. Is there anything worse than The Dew? So much sugar! 77 grams to be exact in one 20 ounce bottle. He usually drinks the diet stuff which I think it way worse. Fake sugar? BAD. I spent more time going out to restaurants and movies with my new boyfriend, I found soda sneaking back into my life. It is just so good! I'm a Pepsi girl. I'm a Root Beer girl (Mug or A&W only). I enjoy the occasional Orange soda or Sprite as well.

Recently, I grabbed Diet Coke while going to visit my dad while he was still in the hospital. I'm not sure if it was the long drive or the traffic but within 10 minutes of drinking it, I became irritable, on edge and jittery. It was bizarre but not surprising. I am really sensitive to caffeine and fake sugars. Diet Root Beer turns me into a shaky, breaking-out-into-cold sweats mess.

After that incident, I decided to drop soda for good. It has no nutritional value. In fact, every study shows how harmful soda is to your health. I do believe it is terribly addictive which is why many people have a hard time cutting it out completely. Much like Starbucks. On January 1st, I made the promise to myself that I would not drink any soda. On January 4th, I got a hot dog and Orange soda at Sam's Club. I drank 4 sips of the soda before I realized that I WAS DRINKING SODA. I threw it away.

That moment of forgetfulness aside, I'm proud to say that I haven't had any soda at all and don't plan on it. We had some friends over to watch football this past weekend and there was Diet Cherry Pepsi inches away from me. DCP is my FAVORITE EVER SODA. I resisted. I acted as if it wasn't even there. It is a powerful feeling when you can fight to urge to indulge in something that you know tastes good.

Now, if I can only accomplish fighting the urge to eat candy. That is one battle that I can't seem to win.


J said...

Bad stuff for ya. I was off soda for a number of years and felt need for that sugar rush. Then this past year, it crept back into my life as well. Now that I am on my way to eating healthier (on a low-carb diet), soda isn't on my list and haven't touch it in a few months now. Kuddos to us both.

Angie said...

i dropped soda a few years ago..once in awhile i'll have one..but i picked up another vice...sugar free red bull. which possibly... a million times worse :/