Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Tale of Mr. Bear

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I found this little stuffed bear while cleaning out a closet a few weeks ago. He was dressed in a tux so I think he came attached to a wedding present. Kitty was hanging around while I was cleaning and found herself a new playmate. For as much as she bites him, drags him around the house and even "throws" him in the air with her mouth, I think she loves him. I even caught her grooming him once. No lie.

But last night, Mr. Bear almost met his demise. Luckily, it was just a foot bath and he didn't go in head first. Mr. Bear was dried off and thrown back to the wolf (aka kitty) but she retreated. She felt bad. While he lay there on the kitchen floor, she snuggled with daddy and thought about what she did. I did catch her throwing glances his way every so often though. Kitty is a natural hunter and you must keep your eye on your frienemies at all time.


J said...

I so so love it. I love when my kitties form an attachment to a certain toy...great that you had a camera close at hand. Ours is never near by for these moments.

Sara said...

So cute! When our cat catches (real) mice she puts them in the water bowl! Too funny!

Angie said...

"but i just want to LOVE mr. bear!!!!"

ha! i love kitty!