Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Catch Up/Ketchup

-TWO WEEKS since my last post? I don't think I have ever gone that long without blogging.

-I developed an awful cough on January 30. Thank goodness I use Facebook to complain and make funny comments because I can track when I started coughing. I ingested 2 bags of cough drops in a matter of days and went through 2 bottles of cough medicine when I finally, after 2 weeks, decided it was time to see a doctor. Not because I was tired of coughing (okay, I was tired of coughing) but the mass amounts of medicine I was using was giving me vertigo. Diagnosis: Walking Pneumonia. Yikes. I never felt sick or under the weather but that cough was brutal. I'm doing much better now and can get through 8 hours of sleep without having a cough attack.

-On Friday, my aunt and uncle were down from Portland for a visit. We gathered at my dad's house for dinner and it was wonderful to see them. We usually see them at Thanksgiving but since we didn't go to my other aunts house this year, we missed them. Right when I arrived at the house, I greeted my dad then went on to say hi to my aunt and uncle when my dad asked me to go into the other room and get his phone. I told him to please hang on a second. I guess that wasn't good enough for him because he grabbed his cane, stood up from his wheelchair and walked into the other room and back. All by himself. I stood there and watched in amazement as he made his way to the other room and seconds later came back. That was a first and I was so proud of him. A bit scared but mostly proud. What a huge leap in his recovery.

-You know what sucks? Cleaning the garage! Garages are scary and gross. There are bugs in there that seem to crawl out from under each surface that I came in contact with. I managed to only see one spider on Sunday while cleaning and I composed myself and didn't scream. I hate bugs. HATE. "Cleaning" the garage was really me going through 5 boxes of high school/college/apartment stuff and getting rid of TONS of stuff. I filled up our garbage can with old papers, pictures and really lame crap that I thought was worth keeping. But I also found some great pictures and keepsakes from over the years. Our garage is still a hot mess of random crap so maybe someday we will organize it. Our neighbors have spotless garages. Like, they can probably eat meals in there. I barely like stepping foot in mine!

-I'm obsessed with Windows Movie Maker and want to take videos of everything and make movies all the time. I put together a one minute clip of my nieces at gymnastics class and it was so fun! Second career perhaps?

I hope everyone has a great week!

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