Thursday, March 14, 2013


Sign #1: This morning, I left my house a few minutes early and thought "I have some time, I think I'll make a trip to Starbucks and get my usual (tall, non-fat, decaf, peppermint mocha, no whip). As I headed out of my subdivision and into town, I saw flashing red lights which warned me of a train crossing the tracks. This wasn't the usual Amtrak crossing back and forth from the Bay to the Valley. This was a slow moving, long, freight train blocking all 3 ways to get to the freeway.

I approached the slow moving train and waited. And waited. And then the train slowed down. Then the train stopped. People behind me started turning around since one of the other exits was no longer blocked by the train but I waited it out as I saw the caboose and figured it would be on its way soon. And it started moving again. And then it stopped with the caboose halfway through the road. There was no way I could stop by Starbucks at this point as I was running late for work so I turned around and headed off to work.

Sign #2: At lunch, I grabbed my salad out of the fridge and went downstairs to our work lunch room. I also took a dollar bill with me so I could get something out of the vending machine. My choice was a small pack of Red Vines. I pushed the buttons and the metal spiral jail around the Red Vines twirled, the Red Vines leaned towards the bottom of the vending machine and......hung on for dear life! No Red Vines with my salad.

Sign #3: The shrink wrap around the salad container would not come off. I was wrestling with it for at least 2 minutes, even using my teeth while hoping that someone didn't walk into the lunch room and see me.

All signs point to not ingesting food or beverage today.

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