Thursday, June 27, 2013

Affordable Fashion: Maxi Skirt and Colorful Tees

About a month ago, I was shopping around for a plain, black tee. No frills, no print. Just a regular black tee.

Mission impossible. Not only did Old Navy not have a black tee, they didn't have any plain t-shirts. What the heck!? I cruised over to Kohl's and managed to find this black tee for an excellent price.

And since I believe in the motto of "If you find something you like, buy it in every color," I did just that. Gray, white and sweetheart pink.

Today, I'm pairing that white t-shirt with this skirt from Old Navy. It is perfect for a hot summer day! My goal for the day is to not spill anything on this shirt but I think crisp white shirts are prone to get a drop of something on them. I hope to win that war!

Excuse the bad picture. It was taken with a self-timer and apparently, I was sleeping standing up.

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J said...

Love your outfit...I absolutely love maxi skirts, t-shirts and cotton dresses for the summer. I also shop at Kohl's a bunch too.