Friday, June 7, 2013

Five.....and other numbers


You have now known me as "Michelle YourLastName" longer than you knew me as "Michelle MaidenName."

In July/August, we will celebrate (okay, I will celebrate, you will roll your eyes) 9 years of being a couple.

In April, we reached the 7 year mark of living under the same roof.

Halloween will be the 4 year anniversary of moving into our first house together.

Since our wedding 5 years ago today, we have been to Hawaii 3 times.

We have celebrated numerous birthdays and watched our nieces grow from in utero to babies to toddlers to school-age girls. Their growth has provided us with a timeline to measure our relationship. It was just months into our dating that my sister became pregnant with Diana.

We have spent much of our marriage hoping and wishing for something that we haven't quite achieved.....yet. Through those trials, we have grown closer. And in those moments of trouble and doubt and fear, you were the person who provided me with the most comfort.

I thank God for you. For our marriage. For our relationship. For the love we share. I'm so glad that my life path intersected with yours and that our pairing led to love and to marriage.

You are the greatest gift I have been given and I love you and appreciate you more each and every day. May the next 5 years be as challenging as the last, for I know we can defeat any challenge we come long as we do it together.


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