Monday, June 3, 2013

Travel Withdrawls

If you have been a long time follower of this blog, you may have noticed that we enjoy traveling quite a bit. We may not have much variety in our destinations (Hawaii is kinda our spot) but we love jumping on a plane (okay, I love it. Chris hates flying) and jetting off to a new or favorite destination.

In 2008, we spent our honeymoon in Maui.  In 2009, our first wedding anniversary was spent at the House of the Mouse. In 2010, we traveled to Kona, Hawaii to see the Ironman. (All of my pictures from those posts are no longer stored in Blogger. Booo.) In 2011, we toured Washington D.C. and New York City. In 2012, we headed back over the Pacific Ocean to Kauai!

I'm kind of loving that we go to Hawaii on even years. Let's keep that going, huh!?

But this year, 2013, is a different kind of year. Since we are trying to save money for IVF, a big vacation isn't in the cards. The thought of not planning a big trip has me feeling a bit sad but I know it is for a good cause.

About a month ago, I decided that we deserve some sort of weekend trip away. With our anniversary falling on a Friday, I thought this would be the perfect time to head out of town, to a new place for a great weekend adventure. Turns out, I picked the perfect weekend because it will be over 100 degrees on Friday and Saturday at home while we will be on the coast, near the ocean and in 80 degree weather. The best part is that we can drive there so no airplanes, airports and security lines. I love California!

While this destination is no Hawaii or Europe (that was our plan for 2014 before we decided to do IVF), I'm so excited to visit a new place together for our 5th wedding anniversary. And I'm looking forward to sharing all about this place and our journey on the blog! Stay tuned....

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