Monday, July 22, 2013

Dreams of City Livin'

I live in a small town. 16,000 people. 8 stop lights with 6 of those along the same street (and 1 on the Walmart property). It is quiet, peaceful and a good place for young families.

My sister lives in the next town over. It is bigger. More shopping, more space, more stop lights.

If you continue on the freeway going west, you will come across the town where we grew up. Once "small", it is now a booming urban/suburban area where crime is growing (sad) and capitalism is increasing (yay!). My in-laws live there as do many friends and their parents. It is where we (me, my sister and my husband) went to middle school and high school. It holds a lot of memories for us.

I've written before about how I am so lucky to live a short drive (or ferry or BART ride) away from San Francisco. We were just there yesterday for a SF Giants game. While we intended to take the ferry, it sold out 5 minutes before departure so we hopped in the car and drove 20 minutes to the nearest BART station. We were in San Francisco* in 40 minutes.

For the most part, The City is dead on Sundays. Sure, the Ferry Building is busy and on a Giants home game day, black and orange fill the streets but the financial district is quiet and a lot of stores are closed. We walked down Beale to the Embarcadero, turned right and headed towards the ballpark (the best in the MLB if you ask me).

As I looked around at the tall buildings, the fancy condos and people sitting outside at street cafes, enjoying Sunday brunch, I couldn't help but long for city living. The hustle and bustle of city life is fascinating to me. The activities and adventures that are just outside your door are appealing. And with San Francisco being one of the most beautiful places in the world, it is hard not to get envious of those who live there!

Not the prettiest view but I was too lazy, tired and in need of a potty break to take pictures of more appealing locations.

And then I read blogs of people who live in NYC and that envy really kicks in. Oh how I would LOVE to live in New York City for just 6 months. I would ride my bike to Central Park and have picnics every day. I would take the subway up and down from Midtown to Downtown just for the heck of it. I would go to Brooklyn because, well, why not? I've never been there! Is there anything cooler than living in New York City? Perhaps it is a bit trendy to think that right now but I don't care. My West Coast-self really finds the East Coast/NYC life exciting.

Do big city people envy us small town folks? Probably not. The smell of cow manure in the morning and roosters waking us up isn't an enviable situation.

*Please do not call it "San Fran" "Frisco" or any other variation. It is San Francisco or The City. That is all.

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