Thursday, July 25, 2013

File It Away.....and Move On.

Tonight, my family is gathering at a local pizza restaurant to have dinner with my Aunt and Uncle who are in town from the Pacific Northwest. My uncle received his brain cancer diagnosis last fall and while initially he was improving, the long term outlook isn't great.

These two have embraced life this receiving this news. They have traveled to Hawaii and Mexico to relax on the beach. They took a trip to New York City to watch a Broadway show. My uncle has competed in multiple 10K (and more!) races. He runs daily.

My mom told me that while talking to my aunt recently, she said that her husband of over 30 years didn't recognize her for a moment. He insisted that it wasn't her that he was looking at.

The reality of this is so much more real than anyone knows. Especially when they remain active, traveling, running and living a full life together.

This weekend, my uncle is going to run across the Golden Gate Bridge. My dad and his family grew up in Marin County so the GG Bridge isn't new to them but in the "bucket list" portion of his life, the bridge has new meaning.

I've never been one to downsize the suffering of one person because others are suffering worse fates. We all have our issues, our struggles, our bad days. We are allowed to complain about the price of gas or a bad run of luck in life. But while doing that, I think it is important to slow down and take inventory of your attitude about life. Is the world out to get you and you look to seek revenge or do things happen and you file them away and move on?

My aunt and uncle have filed brain cancer away and moved on. They are making the most of their lives together while they can. I admire them so deeply, I can't find words to express how proud I am of them.

When life gets you down, file it away....and move on. Make the most of your situation. Look on the bright side of things. It can be amazing how beautiful life can be if you see the bigger picture on a daily basis.

p.s.-I've started a new infertility focused blog. It is called "Empty Ute, Full Heart." I'd love for you to visit.

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