Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Girly Things

When I walked into my sister's house on Sunday, I heard a familiar voice beckoning me upstairs.

"AU BOB! Come upstairs!" She demands. I listen.

I turned the corner into the master bedroom and saw three ladies (two little, one grown) sitting on the floor with smiles on their faces. It was pedicure time!

Diana was getting her toe nails trimmed (which doesn't seem like her favorite part) and Amy was asking for a coat of sparkle polish on top of her newly painted pink nails. I was given the duty to apply the sparkle. Painting such little toes? I wasn't sure how I would do.

I held those little (well, 4 year old little) feet in my hands and painted away, unconvinced that Amy The Go Get 'Em Girl would be unable to sit still long enough for them to dry. Seconds after finishing the job and me holding her feet on the ground hoping she would understand to sit still, she was turned around and proclaiming "they are dry mom!" Not so much. The paint was smeared and another lesson of "oh well, that is what happens" was learned.

I'm sure boys are great and all but ever since my sister learned she was pregnant both the first and second times, I know we all had our fingers crossed for girls. We are a girl family and those 10 minutes on the floor, painting toe nails and giggling together make me think "does life get any better than this?"

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mr1985 said...

this is not a test of the emergency broadcast system this is the real thing.