Tuesday, August 20, 2013

House of Cards

No plot spoilers in this post, just opinions on characters.

Am I supposed to like this show? I'm currently 7 episodes in and I feel the pull to keep watching but I find ZERO characters likeable. ZERO. Maybe that is the point? They are all power hungry douche bags-even the females.

Congressman Underwood is a slime ball. I'm not a huge Kevin Spacey fan. He is creepy, in general but his Southern accent and behavior in this show bug me. But again, I think that is the point. I don't think he is supposed to be someone we are rooting for.

Claire, his wife, is also a leach. I figure they are in some sort of arranged marriage based only on power. They seem to like each other fine but they tolerate infidelity and understand that using each other to climb their professional ladders is priority #1.I also hate how she says "Francis" after nearly every sentence when addressing her husband. No one does that. Please stop.

Underwood's Chief of Staff is a perfect match for his boss. He will do anything, right or wrong (or really wrong) to get to the top. Dirty.

Peter Russo, while pretty messed up, has some redeeming qualities. I believe he wants to be a good dad and a good Congressman but he made a deal with the devil and now has to pay the price. He got swept up in the power game and can't get out of it. Stay away from the booger sugar, Peter.

Little Miss Reporter, Zoe Barnes, is also power hungry/being victimized. But she encourages it and plays along in order to get information. I find her irritating because she is really just a goody-two-shoes low level reporter pretending to be more to build up her own self-esteem. I find her current relationship disgusting.

I'm curious to see how the season plays out. The main characters are falling more into their deals with the devil and I just don't think it can end well for all, or any, of them.

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