Monday, September 9, 2013

Keeping a List and Checking it Often

Back in January 2011, I started a list using the notes app on my phone. This list has continued to grow over the years and I'm proud to say that as we near 2013, I've kept this listing going for nearly 3 calendar years.

This list contains random, hilarious (only to us) things that my husband says. Whenever he says something that makes me furl my brow or laugh hysterically or just doesn't make one ounce of sense, I say "I gotta write that down." Sad that "writing down" now means "typing into my phone" but so be it.

99.9% of the things on this list wouldn't be funny to anyone but us. 30% of the things on this list don't even make sense to us because they are completely stand alone words and we can't remember the context in which they were said.

It all started when my husband said that the term for really bad breath was "hyper callatosis." Days later, he said he liked riding an "incumbent bike." And then said that since he was anti-social, he was called an "anti-socialite." As you can see, this list started through his made up words but escalated into hilarious one liners.

"I would tweet that if I wasn't so ashamed that I like this show." Pretty sure this was about Jersey Shore.

"He looks like a hillbilly Benjamin Franklin." No clue what this is about.

"Is Aladdin good enough for Jasmine?" Important query.

"That train has sailed long ago." I don't think that is correct.

As I was adding another item to the list last night, I counted how many were on the list from 2011 alone and I believe there were near 70. So over nearly 3 years, I have over 150 random, hilarious, out of context phrases my husband has said. Usually, I don't look at it unless I'm adding something to it and during that time, I scroll through it and find myself quoting some of my favorite lines. We laugh and laugh and laugh.

Sometimes, Chris objects and says that something shouldn't be added but I have the authority to add whatever I'd like, whenever I'd like. I tell him if he wants to have his own rules, he should make his own list. Sadly, I'm not as funny and random as he is so the list would be short.

Why am I writing about this? We have been together for 9 years. We have lived under the same roof for 6.5 years. Life can get repetitive and boring. This "list" gives us a funny look back at time and allows us to laugh at each other even if it is only a few times a month. I love having The List. I email it to myself often just in case my phone gets wiped. I would hate to lose it. These phrases are like a snapshot in time.

It is the little things in a marriage that can keep it fresh and fun. You don't have to make big sweeping proclamations of love and lust or go out of your way to be funny. Turning every day into a reason for laughter is really the way we stay so happy!


Patty said...

I totally love this! I want to start a Corey list! :)

J said...

This is a great idea...wish I start ours 11 years ago. We have all kinds of funny phrases and cute words we use for things that no one else knows or understands as well. Just this past weekend, I took out a box that I have been saving the cards we send to each other on holidays, anniversaries, birthdays and "just because" occasions. I gave E to read one of them when we were celebrating our first year was fun to see what he would write way back then and he it!

AngieM. said...

love it!
he is hilarious. i think i'll start one of my kid #thingsmyteensays lolz