Sunday, November 24, 2013

Meet Our Daughter

Daughter. I will have a daughter. My husband will be the father of a girl. My nieces will have a little girl cousin to have as their little doll. 

Yesterday seemed like a dream. For 19 weeks, we've known a baby is growing inside of me but yesterday changed something. I know she is a she. This girl who will become the center of our universe for a lifetime. 

Meet our daughter! 

Ultrasound pictures are creepy! Here is a shot of her little baby hand...
Hello mommy and daddy and lady pushing down on me with some strange object. No, I will not sit still! My mommy had a sip of Pepsi before her appointment! I'M ALL JACKED UP ON PEPSI!

Now, I will attempt to not buy every single adorable piece of girl clothing known to man. Wish me luck!