Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas (and Pinterest) Inspired Art

I pinned this picture a year ago and I never got around to trying to replicate it. So lazy. But while I was in Walmart this week, I wandered into the art supply aisle and decided to spend time on my Sunday afternoon painting! I figured since my husband was busy upstairs painting the closet in the nursery, I should do something more than stare at the television for hours on end!

 I started with a black squiggle.....

 And alternated colors to make the bulbs. I tend to over do it with my arts and crafts so I refrained from adding anything else to the white space on the canvas. I think it is lovely just how it is.

 With my second canvas, I wanted to paint some Christmas trees but not just one big tree. So I went off to Pinterest and searched "christmas tree art" and found an inspiration photo!

I kept the picture up on my ipad while I painted since I have no artistic talent or vision and needed to copy.

I kind of love how it turned out. I placed this one on my dresser in the bedroom and the light strand painting in the guest bathroom. I'm not sure how I should store them after Christmas. I don't want them to get yellowed or ripped. Perhaps I will put them in a closet and not in the storage bins in the garage. It would also be fun to paint a new picture each year and create a Christmas art wall for the holidays. We have plenty of space in our house for that!

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