Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas is UP!

With only 3.5 weeks until Christmas, I knew we had to put our Christmas decorations up by December 1. I got to work Friday morning and spent a couple of hours making sure everything was in the right place. What made this day extra special were the items I purchased after Christmas last year that I never got to display. I had a couple of pillows to throw on the couch and most importantly, the pre-lit 3 foot Christmas tree I got at Walmart for $5. I was most excited to display that tree somewhere special!

I placed it on a media cabinet in our loft. It is visible from the street and makes me happy when I walk up and down the stairs each day! So far, Kitty has only knocked two ornaments off! 

After I decorated our mantle, I noticed something was missing. I usually have 4 tall objects placed on the mantle and with those gone, the wall around our clock that hangs on the wall seemed so empty. I scoured Pinterest for a picture that would serve as inspiration. I also needed a new idea for how to display the Christmas cards we received and lucky me, I found the perfect idea that would fulfill both needs!

Red Ribbon from Walmart, extra sticky glue to hold the pieces together and some tape at the bottom of the "tree", I'm all set to display the variety of Christmas cards we get in the mail AND fill the empty wall space above the fireplace. Instead of gluing each card to the ribbon, I will be using tiny clothespins that I have used to display the cards in the past. I can't wait to see the ribbon fill up!


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