Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Funny Pregnancy Observation

I still remember the first time it happened. I was 21 years old and working at Sports Chalet during college. I didn't know many of my coworkers because I only worked a couple days a week and spent all of my time at the front of the store, working the register.

A female employee was buying something during her break and said to me, "I didn't know you were pregnant!" First of all, you wouldn't know if I was pregnant because you don't know me. And second, NO. I blame the thick polo shirts we had to wear, tucked into khaki pants. I hold some weight in my stomach but I never thought it was that much.

I was wrong. It happened again as I was Christmas shopping one year. Again, my choice of clothing may have contributed but I really thought people knew not to ask or assume! It happened at a Jamba Juice once. Only a few weeks after a young male employee was clearly flirting with me, the same dude approached me as I was waiting for my smoothie and said something about being pregnant. STOP IT ALREADY! Another time a student of mine congratulated me on my pregnancy. HUH? The funny thing is that she actually had two kids that I had NO CLUE about even though I spent an entire year working with her.

And then there was this time that actually made me cry. In retrospect, I think perhaps this lady thought I was someone else because she was very convinced that I was pregnant.

Do you know how many times strangers have made comments to me about being pregnant over the past 5 months*?


This was my bump last week, at 22 weeks:

I have had one "in context" comment. While waiting in line to use the bathroom at work the other day, the lady in front of me commented how strange it was to have a line in there. She turned and saw me and said "you must really have to go!"

So that was it. I have now come to the conclusion that strangers must just think I'm really proud of my stomach fat. I can't explain how 5-6 times in my life, I have been assumed to be pregnant with a much smaller stomach and now, I'm clearly sporting a bump and I get nothing. Although, with all of the ignorant statements I hear people say to pregnant women, I'm lucky to be in that camp!

*5 MONTHS. I am 4 months from my due date today. My goodness. Time...where does it go!?

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AngieM. said...

lol...people are clueless most of the time.

also- i LOVE the bump!