Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Traditions #1-4

As a person who loves schedules and normalcy, December was meant for me. I know there are events that occur each December that I look forward to each holiday season!

#1: The first home games of the basketball season! My sister's husband is the women's basketball coach at the local community college and this past weekend kicked off the home games! I only made it out to the game on Friday night but I was so happy that they won the tournament. What a great way to head into the regular season!!
 Thank goodness the girls are mostly occupied during the game with toys or a pen and notebook. Amy wanted to play second shooter and sat next to Mommy for a few minutes. 

#2: Wreaths Across America. If you don't know about this program, you should look it up! It is usually held the second Saturday in December in VA cemeteries across the country. Volunteers lay wreaths on the grave sites of each and every headstone in the cemetery. The hour long ceremony prior to the wreath laying is very moving and emotional. As someone who bleeds red, white and blue, I love being surrounded by Americans who love their country and take time to thank the men and women who served in the military. 

I live 7 minutes from a National Cemetery and there is no way I'm going to miss this event each year. I can't wait until Baby D is old enough to lay wreaths of her own. It is amazing how quickly the job gets done with several hundred (perhaps more) people get to work and lay 17,000 wreaths!

#3: Cookie Baking! I used to go nuts and make many, many sugar cookies at Christmas. That was when I was young and didn't know better. One year, I made 70 cut outs and after frosting about 20 of them, decided I was in over my head. I always intend on doing more baking during Christmas but never find the energy. But there is one occasion that gets me in the kitchen. And that is tradition #4......

#4: 5th Annual Cookie Exchange! My friend Lindsay hosts a small cookie exchange each year and I am one of the lucky ones who gets to attend! I think this year was my favorite. The group was small (just 7 of us plus her husband who dipped in and out of the party to add some testosterone!) and the cookies were all delicious! I love all the cute containers and hearing about each cookie. And of course, voting for winners in several categories. I won "best container" this year with the glass jars! I was hoping for a win in that category! When I got home, I placed  all 36 cookies in storage containers and put them in the freezer. Let's see how long these cookies will last!

Tradition #5 is fast approaching.....Cookie Decorating with my family!

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