Thursday, December 26, 2013

The 10th Christmas

I'm a sucker for anniversaries. I love celebrating the day I first met my husband. I remember when we got engaged and make a big deal out of it and of course, our wedding.

This year marked our 10th Christmas together. I still recall exchanging gifts before Christmas day back in 2004. I was so nervous. We had been dating just 4 months and I didn't want to get this man any stupid presents. Each year saw our traditions change as he joined my family on Christmas Eve and after we were married, I woke up Christmas morning at his parents house with him next to me to celebrate Christmas with his family.

Christmas Eve 2013 was a bit chaotic! My mom was in New York City on vacation and schedule to arrive back home late on the 23rd. But her plane was delayed and that caused her to miss her connection in Houston. She had to spend the night in the airport and landed in California at 11:00 a.m. Christmas Eve. Scheduled time for the Family Festivities to begin? 11:00 a.m.

After suffering from major pregnancy brain in the morning, I got to her house at 11:30 and started prepping the food and preheating the oven for the food that we would eat. I also made sure to turn up the heat since she had been gone for a week and it was a similar climate to the North Pole in there!

My husband, sister, brother in law, nieces and dad all arrived and we snacked, listened to Christmas music and visited, waiting for my mom's arrival. When we heard the garage open, we were so happy! She arrived! After a quick shower to wash the airport off of her, we ate and prepared to open presents.

The little ones went first, tearing into the wrapping paper and opening nearly every gift they received to check out how it worked and what it did. Their excitement was adorable. Diana asked if she could hand out the presents she purchased at her school Holiday Store next. This is by far, my favorite part of Christmas!

 Uncle Chris:  World's Greatest Uncle magnet

Au Bob: A teeny tiny mug that says "Awesome Aunt." LOVE.

We moved on to the Secret Santa exchange and had a great time guessing who our secret santa was and opening gifts. Baby D also received some items from Aunt Angela.

I have a wonderful family. I am lucky to live close enough where we can gather frequently (but not too frequently) and enjoy each others company. My husband's family also lives close and the ability to drive 20 minutes and spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with both families is priceless. We had a wonderful two days celebrating the holidays and I always feel a bit sad when I wake up on the 26th but as I told Chris last night, we have another exciting milestone to reach together in just a few months! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope you all end 2013 on a positive note and begin 2014 strong, happy and full of wonderment! 

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