Thursday, April 18, 2013


I've always used social media in a fun way. I don't make things too serious and often record funny moments from my day that I hope people will get a chuckle out of.

But sometimes, I find myself annoyed by what I see. These days, the "share" button on Facebook has clogged my feed with annoying memes that are the equivalent to email forwards of the past. I'm not sure others have made that connection. What happened to just posting an update on what you had for lunch or how bad traffic was on your commute? I'd rather read that!

I also believe that Facebook (and other social media) had killed etiquette. I won't say much more but the ease of creating events and mass messages has led to the loss of tact and manners and well thought out planning.

And I can't forget to add in those people who are tragedy whores, who feel it is their duty to report all of the latest breaking news of a nationally covered story so they can feel like THEY reported it first. These people often turn heartbreak into THEIR heartbreak, forgetting that they aren't the only ones who feel sadness.

When social media gets me down, I slow down and think about how dumb it is that I feel a pit in my stomach about the things I read on these sites. And how I am making the choice to read them and be affected by words.

Sometimes, I just want to go to a simpler time where none of this exists. And thankfully, there are deactivate buttons for those moments.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Lesson I Learned

Although the attacks of 9/11 were over a decade ago, I learned my lesson on how to handle tragedy and terror that day. At the time, I couldn't stop watching the news and taking in all over the horror stories of that day and the aftermath. But I was 22, away at college and in a different place in my life.

Now, with these sad and horrific acts coming far too often, I shut them out of my life. It doesn't mean I don't feel sad for the people involved. I was a crying mess after the news of Newtown broke in December. But to immerse yourself in the repetitive stories that go nowhere isn't helpful for your mental state.

As of now, there is no new news coming out of Boston. A lot of speculation and guessing. Scary tales from the people who were there and even some amazing stories of heroism. If there is breaking news, you will find out about it but until that happens...

Turn off the tv.

Stop clicking on those links.

Go outside. Take a walk.

Live your life. Nothing good comes from giving into the 24 hour new cycle.

Your mental health is more important than anything right now and when you find yourself overwhelmed with sadness due to these and other events happening in the world, walk away.

Find happiness. It is out there.