Thursday, January 2, 2014

25 Weeks

When I reached the halfway point, I never thought the weeks would start flying by but they are moving a little too quickly for my liking. 

Christmas and New Years went by in a flash and thanks to a lot of time off, we were able to make major progress on the nursery. I'll show you just one photo of one wall because I'd like to wait until it is a bit more "done" to reveal the entire room. But I'm basically in love with it and once the glider gets delivered today, I might be spending a significant amount of time hanging out in there!

It seems that IKEA may have marketed these spice racks the wrong way. Book shelves all the way!

I had my 24 week check up with my doctor earlier this week. I hadn't seen her since November 7 so I was curious to see what these appointments were going to be like at this stage in the pregnancy. Verdict: pretty much the same. A quick review of my blood pressure, an overview of the ultrasound results from 6 weeks ago, a few seconds of checking the heart beat on the doppler and the first measurement of my belly, which was right on schedule.

The one "yikes" moment occurred when she was running through my chart. "Blood pressure, good. Weight, good....oh wait,  weight not good!" Yeah....I assumed as much. I pretty much stopped weighing myself after my last appointment. Big mistake. I'm already up 20 pounds total. I was hoping to make it through the entire pregnancy only gaining 20-25 pounds and my doctor was hoping for even less since I started overweight. I guess this means it is time to put myself in check and weigh in each week. No, I'm not going to diet, of course but it is important to me to be healthy and in good physical shape to give birth and that means not having a lot of extra weight on my body in April. She said if I was able to stick to gaining .5 pound per week, I would be ok so that is my goal. 

Selfie bump picture taken on Monday. I swear that stomach shrinks and grows throughout the day! 

Today is my first day back at work since December 20th as I think more and more about this baby growing inside me, I really need to concentrate on work! I have a lot of important projects and events coming up which I know will make the days on the calendar speed by. 

I'll leave you with this adorable picture of Kitty. She has been very curious about the nursery and while we kept the door shut during construction, now that it is all cleaned up, she enjoys looking out the window and hiding under the dresser. On New Years Eve, Chris walked upstairs and saw her laying down in the crib. 

Cutest. Moment. Ever. 


AngieM. said...

this makes me happy.
also, i can't wait to see the finished room <3

andrea said...

You look fabulous!